What is Advision?

Advision provides holistic risk based solutions and incorporation of Reg- and FinTech solutions to suit clients needs and budgets.
Our mission is to help improve compliance culture in the global and growing financial and FinTech industry by streamlining, improving, and enhancing how compliance control frameworks are designed and implemented, and how teams are educated.
With our approach to provide solutions to your needs and requirements, we aim to achieve longevity in a sustainable manner for your company.

Our Services

Advision is a global Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Consultancy and Training Practice specialising in Regulatory Compliance, Anti-money laundering and Operational Risk covering:

Virtual and In-house Training

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Advision has training in a workshop format for understanding KYC, AML, Sanctions and Crypto risks. These workshops are provided with live cases in interactive sessions giving the attendees a fully grasp of the risks and issues that occur in these matters and how to manage them appropriate and effectively.
Besides these workshops, Advision also provides a Compliance culture workshop, covering topics relevant to understanding why behavior relating to regulations and company requirements is important.
Key factor in this workshop is communication, and the 5 types of this verbal, nonverbal, written, visual, and listening.
With a new way of educating using gamification, learning and understanding Compliance / KYC related topics will be fun and long-standing for employees.

Managed Services

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Advision performs Regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance support coverage and provide assistance during periods of new framework build, remediation, upscaling and resource constraints. Also outsourcing of the company KYC activities.
The outsourcing of KYC is a cost-effective and efficient way of managing customer risk. In simple terms, Advision will undertake all the everyday duties the KYC department typically does with performing the Customer Due Diligence of the retail and corporate customers both onboarding as well as periodic reviews.
For Institutions such as FinTechs, Crypto’s and other Financial Offices, we provide support in designing your compliance framework.

Regulatory Licensing

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Advision focuses on the FI’s and Web3 market, but based on our international partnerships and resources we also provide services to other industries.

So based on your company product and services we will work with you to advise on regulatory licensing, approval and permission requirements. We will support you fully through the submission to the approval process.

Web3 Compliance

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As technology is evolving the transition from Web2 to Web3 has already been made with the new way of interaction of information. Now with the applicability of Crypto assets, NFT’s and Metaverse all in one space also the requirements for Compliance is needed.
With our expertise we provide assessment of the inherent risks related to Web3, policies for Blockchain investigations and the aligned KYC & AML procedures obliging to the necessary regulations for the local jurisdiction.
In addition we also perform Smart Contract Audits, both manually as well as automated audit delivering a outcome report and feedback.


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For companies trying to grasp the risks for their business and visualize the risk appetite, Advision can perform a well developed process Systematic Integrity Risk Assessment (SIRA).
If approached properly, SIRA can be a strategic tool that can help to:
  • Effectively identify, assess, mitigate and manage integrity risks
  • Properly monitor the effectiveness of the risk appetite
  • Strengthen compliance risk management activities, processes and procedures
  • Optimize first and second line monitoring and control testing in a risk based manner
  • Gain a better insight into the organization’s risk profile
The above mentioned benefits of a well performed SIRA shall lead to long-term advantages such as efficiency and a reduction of cost of compliance. Ultimately it will put the organization in control of integrity risks.

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