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at a conceptual and detailed level.
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Advision Consulting

The company consists of licensed experts, specialists, as well as a group of young people with energetic potential, in the field of engineering of various disciplines.

Study and Design at conceptual and detailed level, Project management, design, drafting of technical specifications. Supervision + testing of facilities, training, preparation of operating and maintenance manuals and repair of defects, audits during the period of use of facilities.
We also offer simple and quick solutions to furnish your home or business premises in various fields as well as the treatment of exterior facades and finishes with a contemporary and innovative element. Our architects are passionate about the approaches and philosophies of different styles.
Assessments of assets of different land categories and typologies of the building by analyzing them with the reference economic market of infrastructure and construction. AD-Vision offers topographic updates and field measurements maximally appreciating the importance and quality of topographic data in accordance with the highest professional standards.
Territorial analysis at urban / regional / spatial level. Infrastructure asset planning, drafting policies and development strategies, drafting detailed local and regional plans, technical regulatory analysis, keystudy and investigations.
Services in the field of data intelligence systems and geographic information systems (GIS) services. ADV operates through Information Technology systems that collect, manage, analyze and report data to meet the needs of organizations or businesses.
The ADV team assists in the process of creating, implementing and delivering alternatives to the client, based on extensive knowledge and experience in the field of data collection and analysis.
Consulting for various technical aspects as well and from an institutional point of view. Assistance to clients during tenders, administration of contracts during implementation including supervision of works.

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