Narrative description of Project:

Construction of EXPANDING DAM CAPACITY is located in the territory of Helshan village,Has (42.242779N, 20.342395E). With the overflow of the reservoir according to the project, the basin is expanded aiming at increasing the irrigated area, increasing the planted area, exploiting the agricultural potential and increasing the well-being of the families affected by this reservoir.

The surface of the resin cup is 78,000m2, which after expansion is expected to reach 126,000m2. The existing height of the Helshan-2 tank is 8m and it is proposed to reach 10m, while the normal water level quota is + 109.5m. The aquifer capacity of the added part is 20,000 m3 of water. Several families in the Helshan administrative unit receive irrigation water from this facility.

Assignment name:

TECHNICAL PROJECT For Expanding Dam Capacity

Approx. value of the construction (in Euro):

lumsum 325.000