Narrative description of Project:

Construction of WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM located in the territory of Gjegjan Village, Puke (41.939211N, 20.011299E). The village of Gjegjan has a population of 1160 inhabitants and is an administrative part of the Municipality of Puke. In addition to the daily water consumer, this village has 12 private units, a 9-year school and a high school. In this village the small cattle make up 450 heads and the fat 350 heads. The current possibility of residents to provide drinking water is very difficult as it has to be transported side by side from local sources at very far distances from apartments. Existing water supply is completely broken and depreciated, does not exist.

Assignment name:

PROJECT REVISION For The Sewer System And Water Supply System of Gjegjan Area

Approx. value of the construction (in Euro):

lumsum 800.000