Narrative description of Project:

Construction of Waste water treatment is located in the territory of Zall Bastarr admin.unit, Tirane (41.428426N,19.931434E). The project area is located about 18 km northeast of Tirana. The general population of the village is 162 families.The subsoil of the project area consists of layers of sandstone and limestone. This formation is on average, or slightly aquifer. The terrain is hilly, with height ranging from 375 mmnd, at the lowest point to 1125 a.b.s.l. at the lowest point up. The project estimates a total sewer network of about 1.1 km consisting of corrugated pipes, HPDE DN 250 (1 km) main lines and DN 300 mm (0.1 km). For the treatment of polluted waters, a cleaning plant will be built in the western part of the area near the river.

Assignment name:

PROJECT PROPOSAL For The Sewer System And Treatment Of Polluted Waters Near The Zall-Bastar Area

Approx. value of the construction (in Euro):

lumsum 153.000