Narrative description of Project:

Construction of SEWER SYSTEM and ITUN located in the territory of Valbona Valley, Tropoje (42.448770N, 19.882539E).

The goal of project is the construction of sewage system and wastewater treatment in Valbone village is one project which includes the Valbona valley. It is the National Park and lies on the Alps Albania in the northern part of the country. The valley covers an area of about 80 km2 and consists of one mountainous terrain, Inside the Valbona Valley are four villages. The construction of the sewerage network of this area and the wastewater treatment plant will serve one population or resident tourists and not who so far reach a number of 2500 inhabitants / tourists.

Assignment name:

PROJECT ASSISTANCE For The Sewer System And Treatment Of Polluted Waters Plant of Valbona

Approx. value of the construction (in Euro):

lumsum 530.000